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Iomega Home Media Cloud PORTABLE Download

For advanced settings, users with an admin role will get access to a huge list of features including security, shares, backups, drive management, social media and many more settings you don't normally expect from a consumer NAS drive. The "personal cloud" feature of the drive gives you remote access from the internet as well as from mobile apps for the iPad and iPhone. To enable a free one year TZO DNS service you'll need to turn on Remote Access and enable UPnP on your router. We had a hard time establishing the connection as the Airport Extreme doesn't support UPnP, so tough luck if you have one of those shiny Mac routers. A 5-year old Linksys came to the rescue eventually, and we were able to place TZO Dynamic DNS in service with UPnP feature turned on.

iomega home media cloud download

If you plan on sharing the personal cloud with a friend or just having it setup so that you can have access from your laptop, you will need to setup clients on each computer needing access to the drive. Invitations to join the personal cloud are sent via email with a unique and self-generated key code. The email will contain a link from where to download the client for installation. Upon signing in with the key code, shared drives appear instantly on the desktop or home portal view, which also provides an in-browser photo slide show if you have photos stored. Image content in the slideshow can be changed, removed, or turned off from the admin settings. Your shared folders will appear in a tree-view.

It has all the standard Nas features; iTunes server, DLNA media server, Bit Torrent downloads, and a USB port to add extra storage or hook up a printer in order to share it over the network. Mac users will be pleased that it can also be used as a destination for Time Machine back-ups.

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My situation:iX2-200 cloud edition, connected to my router at home. Access is great on home network and the Iomega iLink app on iPhone works outside of the home network successfully. I have port forwarding on home router and work router (where I intend to access the drive from, if not from anywhere on the internet):443 TCP & UDP (this was the only way to get the iCloud setup to appear as connected in the Iomega interface.)50500-50600 BOTH

Hi i got a iomega 1 TB home media drive but I cant get the ilink application on my Samsung S3 to connect, plus all the folders are visible over the network even though the access has been changed to secure.

I have been wasting everyday for about one month trying to get my iomega EZ backup personal cloud to work.I feel good that I didnt pay a lot for my 2 TB drive. Lets just say that Amazon had a one day sale and I paid less than $90. OK. So lets go.

After I tried on my own every solution discussed here, in reality nothing exactly work with the iomega personal cloud and the ilink app.So if anyone just want to use their storage and their content remotely, quit fighting iomega and the half baked personal cloud until it gets updated, and just use Tonido till then. Your frustration level will go down and the precious wasted time will go away.

I have problem with iomega 2tb personal cloud edition, everything works fine, i am able to connec to my cloud from my device 3g connection but when my device is connected to wifi connection outside of my nas network its not loggin in , can you please advice.

lenovo firmware: _id/32028.htmlother files: -Iomega-Networking-Storage/Firmware-recovery-home-media-hard-drive-Cloud-editon/m-p/1423211?page=4#5054330 - _UWgWspanish: +info/como-instalar-o-restaurar-un-firmware-nas-iomega-hmnhd-ce_wi35eportuguese: -como-reinstalar-o-firmware-do.htmlrussian: =109:92-38 several download links across al pages in the thread: =109:92:991#991 350c69d7ab

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