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Maxon Cinema 4D Studio R13 [UPDATED]

worked with computers since more than 20 years got hooked on computer graphics back on the AMIGA started programming at the age of 13 relesed some successful plugins for cinema 4d started working for maxon computer gmbh in 2009 now contributing to cinema 4d as a senior developermaking electronic music since 1993 playing the electric guitar since 1995 age of 14 first live gigs in 1997 playing the bass guitar 2005 playing keyboards and synths since 2012experimenting with photography since 2003

Maxon Cinema 4D Studio R13

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Hi there. well I guess the main difference between cinema 4d and 3d max is Rendering. Cinema 4d can present nice rendering like 3d max vray . Cinema 4d has nice animation like mograph for logo transition while 3d max is disable Thanks

Hey Matt, thank you for your review, I see you are very talented guy. I stuck about choosing two programs 3ds max or cinema4d. But I see I need to use both of them, to get good job done. I was looking for a job for a while in motion graphics, and lot of employers have a request from me to work with Cinema 4d, not 3ds max, Sorrry for my english.

Awesome article . thank u very mutch . i wish u explain allignment in cinema like in 3ds max i believe its nice to work with c4d . but in 3ds max life more easy for example modelling rather than c4d . i wish maxon make c4d more easy . thank u again and sorry about my bad english . 350c69d7ab


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