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Easy To Do Creator is a Professional For Mac OS,a unique easy-to-use interface that introduces a variety of small programs. It helps you manage small programs with a single interface, and easy access to system, drag and drop them to the desktop.

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Easy Traveler Creator is a professional application helps you to manage your own busy travel itinerary. It helps to take care of all your details, such as tips, local tour guides, transportation, car rental, dining and entertainment. Best of all, you can take care of your travel details from the palm of your hand.

Easy Window Manager Creator by BlueGemSoft enables you to customize the application window in such a manner that no windows overlap each other. Choose a color theme, various button arrangements and apply a drop shadow to the window. You can also customize its size and move it anywhere on your desktop.

Easy Word Processor Creator enables you to work on text documents using a variety of tools and features, like spellcheck, automatic text reformatting, grammar checking, document compression, and more.

Easy Writer Creator creates, edits, converts and prints a wide variety of document formats. The program is equipped with tools for Word processing and media conversion. Moreover, you can create PDF files.

Easy Proof Finder Creator allows you to easily locate, fix, and remove the faded and inkjet print ink when scanning your documents. Importantly, it can also remove jagged ink, dirt, or dust streak in documents.

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