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Sims 3 Community Serial Code Invalid

I have tried to register for an account using my Origin details to the Sims 3 Community and it recognises I have an account, but when I submit the final form, it says that my serial key is invalid. I have copied and pasted this key directly from the Sims 3 origin details page so there cannot be any mistakes. Online it says to use different browsers, I have tried internet explorer as well as chrome. I do not understand why this problem is being caused, how will I get my account? Can someone from EA manually register my account?

sims 3 community serial code invalid

You registered the game already on your Origin account. Just leave the code for the serial code empty when you log in for the first time and your Origin account will automatically communicate to the Sims 3 website that you have the game.

So I followed the advice and went ahead and created an account. But when I try and login inside of Sims, it says that I need an account and does not accept the newly made account. It prompts me to make a new one inserting the same "invalid" serial code for me and not allowing me to use the previously used alias.

So I decide to try logging into my acount in the Launcher, but BIG SURPRISE, nothing happens! The Launcher just refreshes back to the Welcome page without even giving me an error. I've tried to redeem the codes again via the site and now I keep getting "invalid code" errors even though I have things telling me I don't have the games.

EDIT: After downloading the base game and leaving the expansions uninstalled, as well as once again logging out of and back into my Sims site account, the games are now listed under My Account but not under Purchase History. The game automatically prompts me to install the most recent version of the game, 1.55, which I do. I am also now logged in through the Launcher itself, but I still can't get the game to play, either via the Launcher or the TS3.exe. So I'll be posting a new thread since the invalid serial codes doesn't seem to be part of the issue anymore.

I bought the Sims 3 Pets and Diesel Stuff via the Origin store as PC downloads. I received the confirmation email containing the serial codes, but when I enter them on the Sims 3 website registration page, it says the codes are "invalid". I just bought the games less than 24 hours ago, so do I need to wait 24 hours or longer, or is there something wrong with the serial codes?

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