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Thankfully, it seems the folks at Visual Concepts have heard the complaints about MyGM and and will be making some changes in NBA 2k24. MyGM 2.0 aims to freshen things up with new goals and character interactions, and allow for deeper planning and strategy with the addition of a new Action Points system and skill tree. Worryingly, there’s no talk of improving the writing, but hopefully the endless prattling is cut down on a bit NBA 2K24 MT.

It’s time to talk NBA 2K24 gameplay and experience the dawn of a new era in realism and authenticity with ProPLAY technology, making its debut on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles. ProPLAY takes the franchise to unprecedented heights by leveraging cutting-edge technology to seamlessly translate real-life movements from actual NBA matches into NBA 2K24 gameplay.

For two decades, 2K has guided athletes on recreating their signature moves using mocap techniques. With ProPLAY it enables the most accurate representations of contested step-backs, acrobatic layups and more by directly translating real NBA footage. Players will also see a disparity in shots and free throws, as well as off-ball offense and defense.

“Our commitment to evolving the NBA 2K experience based on community feedback is a big reason why dedicated players and basketball fans have continued to play the game for the past 25 years,” said Mike Wang, Gameplay Director at Visual Concepts. “We’ve delivered NBA 2K24 gameplay enhancements that are more skill-based and intuitive, accelerating the gameplay experience for the entire community.”

Intuitive offense: Shooting and dribbling are more accessible and intuitive than ever before, enabling players of all skill levels to flourish on the court. The moves have been customized and improved to serve any difficulty, and the ability to initiate electrifying dribbling sequences will help players create more space for high percentage shots Cheap 2K24 MT.

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