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The first week of the 11th week has been a success The SNF Broncos beat Chiefs The score from across the league * Sunday takeaways QB squabbles AFC and NFC playoff photos * A recap Mut 24 coins: The game you deserved * Week 11 #Lookits

Moore 23. 23. was ejected from the team's Sunday night win over the Kansas City Chiefs with a leg injury that was described as "serious," although specifics and a schedule were not given immediately. The following day, The Denver Post broke down what lateral compartment syndrome is:

Compartment syndrome develops when a muscle - that is located in a compartment between two fasciae, the connective tissue surrounding muscles - begins to swell. The swelling persists and increases, eventually limiting blood flow to the muscles that can cause nerve damage.

A day after undergoing surgery, the Broncos haven't decided on the timeline for recovery of Moore and are thinking of placing him on injury reserve.

Famous for allowing a late touchdown to Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones in the playoffs that ultimately eliminated the Broncos from the postseason, Moore was emerging as an outstanding Free Safety for the Ravens in 2013.

With Moore out of the lineup, the Broncos were able to rely on experienced defensive backup Mike Adams to fill his shoes on Sunday night, however, fans can expect an increase in the role of five-year veteran David Bruton, who has typically played as a special teamer during his Madden NFL 24 career.

As for Denver, running back Knowshon Moreno left Gillette Stadium on crutches after getting a little shaky during the fourth quarter and overtime with the basis of an apparent ankle problem. Cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie was injured in a peculiar way in the diving of an underthrown Hali Mary in the final play in the first half. He was injured on his shoulder and was not able to return, according to ESPN. Both are scheduled to undergo MRIs next Monday cheap madden 24 coins.

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